Ukrainians thawed payment of hospital

In 2019, the government increased the budget of the social insurance Fund of 1 billion hryvnia.

It is reported by the social insurance Fund of Ukraine.

Украинцам разморозили выплату больничных

The Cabinet approved these changes at the meeting.

Thus, costs were increased in part of material support, namely, financing sick leave benefits and maternity leave, and benefits for burial. It is noted that the total expenditures amounted to 15,361 billion.

The Fund also stressed that these changes are associated with actual exceeding income budget. In particular, due to more projected ERU policyholders (employers) and reallocation of funds. Thus, taking into account the Fund balance at the beginning of the year, the total income of the Fund is determined in the amount 25,665 billion. It’s more on 0,996 billion.

In addition to this, it is said that on account of the Fund receives a daily funds in the amount of 9.37% from the SST, as policyholders pay a single fee. With regard to all available resources, they immediately after their receipt, are sent to the Fund to Finance insurance payments, and material security.