Ukrainians were ahead of the new cyberattack: it is impossible to discriminate against e-mails

Ukrainians got ahead of a new cyberattack: if electronic sheets can't be used Yulia LUGOVA

After the invasion of rashists into Ukraine, a number of hard cyberattacks were launched on the sovereign resources of our country and installed banking. І axis of Uryadov, the response team on computer’s supra-divine subdivision of Ukraine CERT-UA under the State Special Service’speak ahead of a new threat from side the hacker group Armageddon — Ninі won't send unsafe electronic sheets with theme«№ 1275 dated 04/07/2022».

Specify the sheet to clean up an HTML file, which was created before created on computer's archive with a  lnk". Yogo and, in his own way, made it possible for hackers to take control over your computer and threat with theft of confidential information, if possible, these computer, oscillary systems.

In the meantime, the Dynamic DNS service NO-IP is victorious, it is necessary to pay special attention to the registration of domain names that are designed by the service.

;state organs of Ukraine, and on the country EU 


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