Ukrainians will be able to get a new coin 5 UAH

From January 16, the national Bank is issuing a memorable moment of the centennial one of the largest museums in Ukraine – Kharkiv Museum named after Nicholas Sumtsova.

Украинцы смогут получить новую монету в 5 грн

The last great scientist – historian, ethnographer and researcher of folk life, which was one of the originators of the Museum. Neusilber circulation coins will be 35 thousand. Face value – 5 UAH. Diameter: 35 mm, according to UBR.

The obverse of the coin, the sculptors placed the small state emblem of Ukraine, above which the inscription “Ukraine”. The composition consists of stylized trees, crowned with fruits that symbolize the spiritual and material culture. The right and left of them is the vertical stripes that resemble the facade of a modern building of the Museum.

At the bottom of the mirror background of the year of issue – 2020. Also on the obverse traditionally placed the denomination and logo of the banknote printing and minting works of the NBU.

The reverse of the coin placed stylized composition: the left and right depicts the facades of the Museum from different periods, the center decorative arch, which depicts the portrait of Sumtsova and inscription: “100/years” (above), “Kharkivskyy storioni Museum” (above the portrait in a semicircle), “imeni M. F. Sumtsova” (bottom on the matte background).