Ukrainians will increase pension: who and how much

From 1 July in Ukraine has planned another increase of pensions.

Украинцам повысят пенсии: кому и на сколько

As reported Pension courier, will affect the future increase of those Ukrainians, which pension was enhanced through the may indexing, and beneficiaries of minimum pension payments.

It is noted that the increase is due to the increase in the subsistence minimum to UAH 2118, and the minimum wage.

From 1 July, the minimum pension, which currently amounts to UAH 1638, 1712 will increase to UAH. Also it is planned to increase from December 1769 to UAH.

Note that the minimum pension, or what you call it social, is assigned to the Ukrainians, who have reached retirement age, but years to get a pension they don’t have enough.

In addition, pensions recalculated and those who have more of the necessary length of service for pension: experience of more than 35 years for men and over 30 years for women.

Such pensioners can count on allowance in the amount of 1% of the minimum pension for each additional year. Now it is 16,38 UAH, and from 1 July to 17.12 UAH.