Ukrainka attracted to your startup at US $12 million investment: what is this project

ClassTag is a platform for communication between parents and teachers. It works in the US but founded its Ukrainian Vlad Latkina. Recently, the platform has attracted $5 million investment from American companies. Edition told the details and history of the project.

Украинка привлекла в свой стартап в США $12 млн инвестиций: что это за проект

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What happened

Recently, the company ClassTag raised $5 million seed financing (high-risk investment in a new business or company at an early stage of development).

Among investors AlleyCorp, Contour Ventures, Founder Collective, Newark Venture Partners, Smart Hub, and TMT Investments, and venture capitalist John Martinson. What will investment not specify.

Previously, the company has attracted investments from venture capital companies: to date, total funding — $11.6 million

As told Vlad Latkina, investors are Eric Paley, which is included in the list of Forbes “Top 10 most successful investors” and is the managing partner of the Fund Founder Collective.

What ClassTag

ClassTag is a free tool for parents and teachers.

Parents can access via the platform information about events, tours, fundraising and many other, and teachers communicate with parents to plan school Assembly to share work, information.

To communicate through the platform, do not have to download the application. You can receive messages via email, SMS or even in paper form. All the information translated into more than 60 languages depending on the user’s choice.

He founded the project Ukrainian Vlad Latkina in 2015. Here at the platform now more than 2 million users in the United States, it is used in 25 thousand schools.

ClassTag earns on the ads that companies place inside the platform. Part of the proceeds passed to the classrooms for supplies.

As the Ukrainian fell to the corporate States

Co-founder Vlad ClassTag Lukina grew up in Kharkov. She studied at the faculty of Finance, many also inherited from his father, the entrepreneur.

At 22, she managed to enroll at the Wharton school of business in Philadelphia and moved to the United States.

“I opened the ranking of MBA schools, has applied for three best programs and got into Wharton,” says Vlad.

After training there Lodina could easily get a job at the Boston Consulting Group — a prestigious international company that specializiruetsya in management consulting. There Vlad worked for several years, then moved to the Dell EMC (an American Corporation that provides services and products for data storage, information security, Analytics). There she worked for 8 years.

“I am relieved. I understand that you do not feel yourself, you know what to do tomorrow and the day after. And I was interested,” recalls Latkina.

Then Vlad decided to create your project ClassTag. This is the first startup Lukinoj.

How appeared and developed ClassTag

Vlad recalls how her daughter had brought in her backpack from school a bunch of paper forms and other notifications, still the same just came in the mail or via calls. A part of the information and all had to look at the school website.

“I would like to solve the problem faced by myself. According to the theory of startaperov, this is an important key to success: you must know and understand the problem from the inside and see its solution”, — says Vlad.

This prompted Vlad to create a startup. She helped the father of a classmate of the daughter of Jason olim. He shared the views of Vlada and was also an entrepreneur and the former head of a successful company.

Together they have invested in the project several hundred thousand dollars.

Competitors ClassTag distinguished by the fact that it was completely free for teachers and parents of schoolchildren. Earn the project on the advertisement from different companies, whose target audience is family people.

Among the advantages of a startup − the ability to translate notices into over 60 languages, as well as bonuses for active parents the more they will be involved in the process, the more useful stationery and other things will get a grade their child from the sponsors of the project.

“In 2015, we have started to develop ClassTag, then I also worked in Dell EMC. And three years later left the job and began to fully engage ClassTag,” said Vlad.

She believes that open a company in the United States is easier than in Ukraine. First, in her opinion, in the US you are closer to investment capital and successful entrepreneurs, whose experience can be used.

Secondly, according to Vlad, in countries like Ukraine it is difficult to find people who will support the project at an early stage, before you start earning.



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