“Ukrnafta” “forgiven” Privat companies about 1.74 billion UAH

Ukrnafta has signed global agreements with companies from the orbit of the group “Privat”.

«Укрнафта» «простила» приватовским компаниями около 1,74 млрд грн

It is reported by the specialized portal Enkorr — reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

It is noted that on April 13, the process of signing agreements with 5 “privatissima” companies, as evidenced by the decisions of the courts, promulgated in the Unified state register of court decisions in the period from 19 February to 18 March.

In 2015, “Ukrnafta” transferred about 1 million tons of crude oil in the amount of UAH 7.6 billion, and free of charge.

These agreements podrazumevayut that “Ukrnafta” waives claims for recovery of penalties for untimely repayment of a debt. Eating the company out of the orbit of the group “Privat” may not to pay the interest and inflation accumulated during 4 years (from 2016 until the conclusion of amicable agreements).

Because “Ukrnafta” not stated requirements and fines, their payment in the court documents is not given.

However, given the average inflation index for 2016-2019 at 11%, inflation only payments for four years could be 834 million UAH.

Considering that the payment obligation is violated at least four years, the penalty at a rate of 3% per annum would be $ 910 million.

As a result, Ukrnafta “forgiven” Privat companies about 1.74 billion UAH of interest and inflation.

According to international agreements, “Ukrnafta” has granted those companies installment for repayment of a debt for a period of 3 to 6 years (see table. below). During the installment, the interest rate of 14.4% per annum with VAT.


1. The first settlement agreement with OOO “Kotlas” 2.48 billion was approved by the court on 10 February.

2. In the period from April 6 to April 13 were approved by similar content agreements with:

  • “Prykarpattya” (1.32 and 0.36 billion),
  • “Centred Groups” (0.9 billion UAH),
  • “Garant-UTN” (0.53 billion UAH),
  • “Galatta” (UAH 1.17 bn).