Ukrnafta won a lawsuit by 800 million hryvnias from Kolomoisky

From December 2019, Ukrnafta received about 774 million UAH. the repayment of receivables delivered in 2015 oil.

Укрнафта выиграла иск на 800 млн гривен у Коломойского

About it reports a press-service of the company.

“It happened in the framework of the plan of restructuring of receivables in international agreements “Ukrnafta”, LLC “Garant-UTN”, LLC “Tekhtreyd Group”, OOO “Trading house Prikarpattyaoblenergo”, LLC “Galatta” and OOO “Kotlas”. The settlement agreement approved by the courts, confirming their compliance with the current legislation”, — stated in the message of the company.

Receivables for delivered oil formed in 2015. “Ukrnafta” with the purpose of repayment of overdue receivables in July 2016 filed 6 lawsuits totaling $ 7 600 000 000 UAH. Courts 5 claims decided in favor of the company.

The restructuring provides for the repayment within 3 to 6 years the debt parts. The amount of the payment will also include interest accrued on the outstanding balance after January 2020. The amount owed at the beginning of December 2019 was 7 470 000 000 UAH.