“Ukrpochta” can begin to perform the functions of the banks

“Ukrposhta” will be able to obtain the right to open the so-called mail accounts for pensions and social payments.

«Укрпочта» может начать выполнять функции банков

This was stated in the bill number 2788-d from may 4, which is published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

The project involves the amendment of legislative acts on financial services in the field of postal communication.

In “Ukrpochta” noted that the bill will allow people in all localities of the country to hold the opening of postal accounts. According to state-owned companies, 37% of the population without access to the banking system will have the opportunity to receive modern financial services.

Under the bill, “Ukrposhta” will be able to implement the opening and maintenance of mail accounts to post the pensions, wages, social benefits from the state, income from trade. The company also will be eligible on carrying out current Bank operations, currency exchange, issuance of payment cards to postal service accounts.

After the entry into force of the law the citizens of Ukraine will be able to perform opening deposits for storage of funds and the payment card, utility and other services. In addition, farmers will have the opportunity to open a credit history and establish sales in the trading network.

Thus, the “Ukrposhta” will be entitled to provide banking services. While it will not apply requirements to banks regarding capital, reserves, participation in the system of guaranteeing deposits of natural persons, etc.