“Ukrtransnafta” transported the first American oil

The operator of the trunk pipeline system of Ukraine “Ukrtransnafta” for the first time transportorul WTI (West Texas Intermediate). Oil will be transported on the capacity of the Kremenchug refinery.

«Укртранснафта» впервые транспортировала американскую нефть

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to the press service of the company in Facebook.

As noted by the operator, the raw material has passed the test of quality indicators.

“Today, June 7, Ukrtransnafta first transportorul “Texas easy” oil — West Texas Intermediate (WTI). After checking the quality parameters of raw materials, the company has started its admission to the oil transportation system to transport the power to the Kremenchug oil refinery. “Texas easy” to be transported through the pipeline “Odessa-Kremenchug”, — reported in “Ukrtransnafta”.

Therefore, the company has experience of transporting more than five varieties of imported oil: Urals, Azeri Light, Bakken, El Sharara and WTI.