UN: more than 100 thousand migrants are in custody in the US (PHOTOS)

ООН: более 100 тыс. детей мигрантов находятся под стражей в США (ФОТО)

More than 100 thousand children are in custody in the United States in connection with illegal migration. On Monday said the author of the global UN study on children deprived of liberty, the Austrian lawyer and human rights activist Manfred Nowak.

“The total number of children in detention amounts to 103 thousand”, – TASS quoted Novak. He noted that this estimate is based on official and reliable data, as well as information from additional reliable sources.

The human rights activist added that among detained children in the United States there are those who tried to enter the country unaccompanied, and those under detention were separated from parents and other relatives.

According to the study Novak, a total of 330 thousand in the world of minors temporarily deprived of their liberty for reasons related to migration.

All in all, about 7 million minors are in prison around the world.

According to Novak, the leader in the percentage of children in places of deprivation of liberty, are the United States: 60 people per 100 thousand minors. For comparison, in Western Europe, this level is equal to 5 per 100 thousand and in Canada 10-15 people per 100 thousand For the United States in the number of minors in prison followed by Bolivia, Botswana and Sri Lanka, writes “Kommersant”.

“The United States is one of the countries with the highest number: more than 100 thousand children are in detention centers for migrants… of Course, the separation of children from parents as it makes the administration of people including small children on the border between Mexico and the United States, prohibited by the Convention on the rights of the child”, – said Novak.

The administration of Donald trump has been repeatedly criticized for actions in respect of migrants, including the detention of migrant children in unfit living conditions.