Uncle Jacques Villeneuve at the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix

Uncle Jacques Villeneuve at the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix


Jacques Villeneuve, the brother of Formula 1 driver Gilles Villeneuve, will be back on track at the next Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières (GP3R), in Mauricie.

It will race in the Modified Legends series, where the cars can reach 170 km/h.

Jacques Villeneuve tested it in the race, without too much success, a few days ago at Mirabel . He believes it could be quite different on the Trois-Rivières circuit, which he knows like the back of his hand.

Jacques Villeneuve is 68 years old and will be 69 in November. After a mandatory medical examination, he got the green light to return behind the wheel on the track. The cancer from which he suffered in 2014 no longer seems to bother him.

As has always been his recipe, he intends to “weigh on the pacifier and try to drive fast”.

Its last presence in Trois-Rivières dates back to 2015.

“We will do what we can best. I'm not that “late” on this. I get on the pedal. I weigh and try to do the best I can as soon as I can. So, to live and to discover as I always say”, launched the one who had already won five times in Trois-Rivières.

The Grand Prix wanted this year to pay tribute to him and to induct him into his Hall of fame. It was decided to find him a steering wheel.

“We managed to attract him to Trois-Rivières by saying that he could drive, do a lap of honor which will perhaps put a high point in his career. He could still run after that, but at least he will have done his lap of honor”, ​​explained Dominic Fugère, director of the GP3R. The Grand Prix will take place over two weekends in early August.