Under what conditions will restore pensions in ORDA

Since the beginning of armed conflict in the Donbass people have no opportunity of obtaining their honestly earned pensions.

При каких условиях восстановят выплату пенсий в ОРДЛО

At the same time, just to retirement, residents of the occupied territories have to face many challenges, reports Wave.

In January 2020, the then Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmytro Kuleba, said in the field of payment cannot recover from the fact that the territories are under the control of the militants.

According to him, only after de-occupation will be to talk about the resumption of payments. Then these territories will earn the payment system and the Pension Fund.

“For the European Union to pay pensions in the occupied territories is a human rights issue, this is a very important nuance. They can’t insist that it should be done, but they also understand it is one thing to want to do something, and the other is to have the technical capability and opportunity in terms of security. Now, in current reality, no such opportunities,” — said Kuleba.

At the same time, February 5, the Verkhovna Rada failed on first reading vote on bill No. 2083-d/P on payment of pensions to persons residing in the temporarily occupied territories.

So, the then Deputy Minister of Finance Yuriy Giger on behalf of the government offered to send the document back for revision because the state budget does not include expenses not its implementation.

We are talking about an additional 115 billion annually.