Under what symptoms you should eat more eggs and cabbage

Adding to the diet certain foods can increase the amount of beneficial bacteria of the intestine and reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders, that is, relieves irritability, tremor, fatigue, unreasonable fears, a strange pain in the head and stomach.

При каких симптомах надо есть больше яиц и капусты

As reported by Chinese scientists, the diet should incorporate foods with probiotics — kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut. If increased anxiety is also recommended food with high zinc content, for example, egg yolks.

According to scientists, a diet low in magnesium content is creating feelings of anxiety. Good sources of magnesium are legumes, spinach, seeds, whole grains and nuts, seaweed.

Aggravate the symptoms of anxiety disorders alcohol, caffeine, poor nutrition.

The main symptom of this disorder — constant feeling of anxiety, provided that the reasons to be nervous are absent or minor, but the emotional reaction is too strong. Man refuses to work, important projects, meetings or Dating, and indeed any activities just because too worried.

In addition to diet for anxiety disorder will help a long nature walks, good sleep, exercise that I enjoy, for example dancing or running in the Park. If the alarm does not pass, you need to consult a doctor.