Under what violations can help bananas

Bananas are not only tasty, but also useful – they contain many trace elements that are beneficial to the body. They help with a wide range of disorders and maintain mental health.

При каких нарушениях могут помочь бананы

In case of seasonal depression. With the end of the summer, many people experience depression. Bananas are very useful to prevent bad moods, seasonal affective disorder. Their use stimulates the production of serotonin, tyramine and dopamine – hormones that have a stabilizing effect on the Central nervous system. Daily consumption of bananas helps to cope with melancholy and irritability due to daily stress.

In the case of insomnia. In the composition of bananas is present in the amino acid tryptophan, which acts as a natural sleeping pill. Eaten in the evening, the banana will help the body to properly adjust to nightlife.

For PMS and nervous breakdowns. Bananas, as mentioned above, stimulates the production of “pleasure hormones”, and, moreover, are a rich source of b vitamins, Their use helps to calm down after a nervous day or a nervous breakdown.

If muscle cramps and spasms. Bananas contains a lot of potassium, and these fruits are often recommended by doctors as an effective means of pain relief and relief of spasms and cramps that appear due to lack of this trace element.

Heartburn. Bananas have an enveloping effect and thus protect the gastric mucosa from corrosive action of hydrochloric acid. These fruits are useful for people prone to heartburn, they also reduce the acidity in gastritis. But, remember that inflammation in the stomach bananas contraindicated, in which case they can exacerbate painful symptoms.

When taking alcohol. Bananas are useful as a snack to drink. They increase the level of potassium and provide vitamins b and C – this complex of substances activates the output of the decay products of alcohol.

If sleepiness on the job. In the pulp of bananas contain substances that help improve efficiency and improve memory. Doctors recommend the use of bananas as a snack at work instead of cookies and candy.