Unemployed, but successful: as moved to the US she has conquered social media

Born in Russia, 31-year-old MIA Ehrlich after moving to new York and became a successful blogersha that publishes humorous videos in Instagram. About the difficulties in her way, which she had to face in childhood, and about how she conquered Instagram, writes Lenta.Ru.

Безработная, но успешная: как переехавшая в США россиянка покорила соцсети

Photo: Depositphotos

According to Ehrlich, his own mother left the family when she was five years old. Four years later, along with her father moved to the United States. Due to the complete ignorance of the English language, the child found himself in isolation: she could start Dating, even among classmates.

Learn the language and after finishing school, she began working as a real estate agent, but after a few years realized that this lifestyle does not suit her. During this period, Ehrlich was to publish a humorous short sketches, one of which became viral and helped her during the year to recruit more than 600 thousand subscribers.

Currently, Ehrlich almost a million subscribers, and advertising publications she’s asking for thousands of dollars. Blogger noted that it maintains relationships with her stepmother and father, but the mother of almost no contact. Your leaving work she considers “the best of the decisions taken” because now he feels happy.

Ehrlich claims that the best videos from her repertoire — those based on real cases. “Think about the most embarrassing experience that has ever happened to you. It is best to make a video about it”, says Ehrlich. When this woman called looking for my style as “copying someone else is never going to lead.”