Unemployed Ukrainians can receive subsidies

The Ukrainians, who have lost their jobs and are registered at the employment center, you can apply to the body of social protection of the population and to apply for subsidies.

Безработные украинцы могут получить субсидии

This was told by Deputy Minister of social policy of Ukraine Vitaliy Muzychenko on the air “Breakfast with 1 + 1”, reports “Hvil”.

Unemployed advised to contact the social security authorities by mail, personally or using flash. The income, when calculating subsidies, will be added once the size of unemployment benefits.

“In the month of March was the appropriate decision of the government under the modification under this issue (quarantine due to coronavirus — ed.) In the General case, we took the income for the previous six months, when a person worked and received income. Given that in March and April, people massively lost their jobs, then we zeroed out their income up to this point,” explained Muzychenko.

He also added that “for the citizens who during the period of quarantine lost his job and registered unemployed are taken into account exclusively the current income in the form of unemployment benefits, that is not considered income, which they received earlier”.