Unexpected things in which to invest in the U.S.

Financial gurus do not get tired to remind you that you need to invest in the future. This is one of the few ways by which you can ensure a comfortable retirement.

Неожиданные вещи, в которые стоит инвестировать в США

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Edition Go Banking Rates has gathered a lot of really interesting ideas for investments that you probably did not pay attention

Social network

ETF is a Fund that accurately selects the proper balance of shares or other assets in accordance with the yield of a particular index or other economic markers.

One notable example is the Global X Social Media ETF (SOCL). It tracks the Solactive Social Media Index, which is composed of the largest social networks available on the market.


One very simple way to enter the advertising game is very scalable and manageable way is to buy billboards. And before you ridicule the idea that such an old form of communication deserves investment in the digital age, think again: last year alone advertising earned nearly $ 40 billion. A typical Billboard can be rented from 250 to 15 000 $ in a month. Just be very careful and study the local market before investing money in anything as a Billboard could just as easily be a money pit if the wrong choice.


Ready crypto-mining-installations are very expensive, so it is much easier to profit, creating your own system. However, once you configure it, your computer will operate continuously, gradually collecting more and more tiny fractions of cryptocurrencies that you will eventually be able to exchange for money.

Just be very careful. You have to make sure that your bitcoin will still be worth enough to at least cover the increase in your electricity bills.

Domain names

Of course, the process of seizure of domain names and then sell them to companies or people who really need them, not as profitable as it was in the early days of the Internet. You can’t just take the host domain and wait until someone does not need. Most domains are probably already owned, and corporations, and celebrities from whom you could get a decent salary, now can buy them.

However, you may be lucky if you own a domain name that matches the name chosen to launch a big new project a big company. Thus, there is still a potential for making money by speculating domain names.

The failings of others

You can make investments that work best when people’s investments fail.

For an ETF investor, there are a number of “inverse” ETFs, which mirror the opposite performance of the index. Thus, if you believe that recession is inevitable, you can buy shares of inverse ETF S & P 500 will rise in price against the background of falling the rest of the market.


Anyone who lived in a big city, knows how valuable Parking. For some people, the right space can cost thousands of dollars a year, and it makes investment in Parking spaces a realistic option.


Buying a salon may seem a strange choice for those who have no experience cutting hair, but it’s not, if you know how to work freelance stylists. Maintaining your own list of clients, many people working in the salon, just looking for a working place that can be rented.

Local sports team

Anyone who follows hockey or baseball, knows that the NHL and MLB is just the top of iceberg. These professional teams there are also several minor League teams, scattered across the country who are developing their stars of the future. If you have the money, buy the team from the lower League can be very lucrative.


The right photo can be very valuable. In the end, someone paid for the rights to the photos. And if you have the rights to the image that is often used, you can get a great profit.

Taxi Medallions

This is clearly not the market that he was before, but still profitable. You can buy and sell them, or try to earn on growth of prices, or to earn income through renting.

Used Golf balls

If your yard is close to the Golf club, you can be a mediator, supported by buying balls on the cheap and then selling them on the practice tee or Golf course with extra charge. Considering the price of new Golf balls, there should always be plenty of businesses and golfers who are interested in finding a source of cheap goals.

Own Fund

If you’re a really good investor, you can consider creating a private Foundation.

Investments in other countries

America is not the only country with the stock market. You can try to invest in stocks from other countries. Moreover, as developing countries often grow more than two times faster than developed countries, their stocks can bring higher returns than the American counterparts.

The fight against obesity

You may have noticed a trend: it seems that there are ETFs for almost anything. And this is largely true. What would be the economic trend have you seen, probably, there is ETF. As, for example, ETF (SLIM), which tracks the Solactive index of obesity. Stocks in the index are medical companies developing treatments for obesity, which means financial benefits from investments in companies that help people to lose weight.


There is little that can be as profitable in the modern economy as to predict what the millenials will appeal further. In the end, Facebook has ceased to exist 20 years ago and became a company on the open market worth over 550 billion dollars. But you can go crazy trying to find specific stocks to take advantage of the taste of this generation.

Fortunately, you can just rely on ETF Global X Millennial (MILN), which tracks the Indxx thematic index of Millennials. The index focuses on stocks that are focused on marketing and selling products to millennia.


It is no secret that many people start to invest in artificial intelligence. Robo-advisers that use algorithms to control the money, you can make transactions instantly and for a small share of the costs related to the funds managed by men. But if you buy ETF AI Powered (AIEQ), you will receive robot-consultant on the basis of artificial intelligence IBM Watson.

NOT Japan

IShares MSCI Kokusai ETF (TOK) is one of the weirdest investments that you can make. ETF designed to provide investors with a wide variety of large and medium-sized companies of the developed countries of the world except Japan.

A better future

You can change your investment fundamental ways. Sometimes investing in the same stocks and bonds from a different point of view can make a big difference. In this case, there are many funds that invest in the company. It’s called “impact investment”, “sustainable investing”, “investing in ESG”, but the principle is generally the same.

You can even find funds that focus on a specific issue that is important to you. You can find a Fund that is focused on the most environmentally friendly company, or is focused on good corporate governance. In any case, you can use a investment for your future as a great way to invest in the future of each.