Unexpectedly: Adrian Brody has an affair with his ex-wife Weinstein

Recently, the 46-year-old Adrien Brody has puzzled his fans started to appear in the light with an unexpected companion, Georgina Chapman, designer and ex-wife Harvey Weinstein. No one could understand what binds this couple. But, how did you find the reporters of the newspaper the Daily Mail, it was found that between Adrian, the owner “Oscar” for the film “the Pianist”, and his ex-wife under investigation producer began a passionate affair.

Неожиданно: Эдриан Броуди закрутил роман с бывшей женой Вайнштейна

How did you find out, the couple started Dating, without reference to its relations undue attention, yet this spring. In fact, Adrian and Georgina, the founder of the brand Marchesa, were formally introduced to each other a long time ago — at a reception at Weinstein. But really they knew each other only in April of this year. Then they met a common friend — model Helena Christensen. She invited them to a party dedicated to the launch of a new line of swimsuits, held in Puerto Rico. And here, according to guests of that event, behind a couple of cocktails by the pool couple found a lot of common topics of conversation. The party they were inseparable, and at the end of the event, went along to an unknown destination.

Неожиданно: Эдриан Броуди закрутил роман с бывшей женой Вайнштейна

An affair with Brody was the first romantic story of Chapman since her divorce with Weinstein ended in 2017. Then Georgina announced his decision to end his 10-year marriage to Harvey, after more than 60 women claimed sexual harassment by a producer. Georgina, who has two daughters from Weinstein swears he knew nothing about the illegal actions of her former husband. But after learning about it from the media was quick to file for divorce.

As for the Weinstein, he is currently at large after he was released from prison on bail in 1миллионо dollars. The court in his case, as announced, will be held in early January next year. And if convicted on all charges, including rape, Weinstein faces life in prison.