Unexpectedly: coronavirus on a cruise ship discovered 17 days after the departure of the passengers

The centers for control and disease prevention issued a report stating that the new coronavirus COVID-19 was identified in the cabins and on the surfaces of ship Diamond Princess 17 days after it left passengers, writes “Voice of America”.

Неожиданно: коронавирус на круизном лайнере обнаружен через 17 дней после ухода пассажиров

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“RNA SARS-CoV-2 has been identified on a variety of surfaces in the cabins of passengers with symptoms or without symptoms within 17 days after the liberation of the cabins on Diamond Princess, but prior to disinfection procedures, the report said. – This data cannot be used to determine whether there has been transmission from contaminated surfaces or not.”

The report also said that cruise ships were one of the sources of infection.

“During February-March 2020 flash COVID-19 associated with the three flights of cruise ships, have caused more than 800 laboratory-confirmed cases among passengers and crew and led to 10 deaths,” the researchers note.

The report also stated that 3 of the 711 passengers and crew members on the ship 712 people, or 19.2%, were infected COVID-19.

According to the report, the public health response to outbreaks COVID-19 on cruise ships was intended to limit the transmission among passengers and crew members and ensure their safety. These reactions required a coordination of stakeholders in many sectors, including government departments and agencies of the United States, the Ministry of health and Embassy of foreign States, state and local departments of public health, hospitals, laboratories and companies involved in cruise ships.

During the outbreak on the Diamond Princess, it became apparent that the passengers who disembarked from cruise ships, can be a source of transmission of the virus. Why was an explicit effort to curb the transmission on Board and to prevent further transmission at disembarkation and repatriation.

In the initial stages of a pandemic COVID-19 ship Diamond Princess was the biggest hotbed of the outbreak outside of mainland China. Since then, many other cruise ships were involved in the transmission of the virus. The factors contributing to the spread on cruise ships, and can include a mixture of travelers from multiple geographic regions, and the closed environment of the ship. This is especially true of older passengers who are at greater risk of serious complications COVID-19.

The researchers note that flash COVID-19 cruise liners pose the risk of rapid spread of disease beyond the flight. Active efforts are needed to curb the spread.

March 17, the CDC issued a warning about the journey of the 3rd level, recommending to postpone the cruise travel around the world.



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