UNIKA and the New mail refuse plastic

УНИКА и Новая почта отказываются от пластика

The insurance company “UNIKA” was initiated by the rejection of the use of plastic cards (policies) for medical insurance.

Nowadays, corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly common practice in Ukraine. The situation of coronavirus has changed and continues to change requirements and the attitude of big business to social responsibility in which environmental issues are one of the first.

Insurance company “UNIQA”, following the corporate social responsibility programs, primarily aimed at protecting the environment, initiated the refusal from the use of plastic cards (policies) for medical insurance.

Currently, almost every insured client has an insurance policy in the form of a plastic card that is used, firstly, to identify the customer of the insurance company when applying to medical and health institutions, and, secondly, executes the information function, because it contains information about the policy number, duration, contact numbers of the insurer.

The first initiative of the Insurance company “UNIKA” was supported by New mail — the trendsetter in its field of business and one of the largest corporate customers of Unika. Avoiding the use of plastic cards for insured employees of the company Nova poshta will allow you to avoid the production of more than 23 thousand cards, which is equivalent to 115 kg of plastic, which subsequently need to dispose of, and hence to pollute the environment. In addition, this project implemented the requirements for contactless information transfer, which is also very important today.

“Responsibility of big business for the processes occurring in the environment, is becoming an increasingly important issue. Every company, in any field, must use all opportunities for reasonable use of resources and preservation of nature. We are very pleased that the company included in the group of New mail, first responded to our proposal to abandon the use of plastic policies. I hope that our initiative will find support from the other participants in the Ukrainian business”, — said Elena a Beehive, the Chairman of the Board of the Insurance company “UNIKA”.

“Care about the environment for New mail is not a fad, but part of the business strategy of the company. We sort recyclables from 2016, and last year launched a project to collect waste paper and polyethylene in the client area of our offices. Only 2019 New mail has collected more than 1,300 tons of paper and more than 270 tons of polyethylene. Therefore, we were pleased to support environmental initiative of our partner insurance company UNIQA”, — says Alexander Bulba, SEO for New mail.

With the aim of implementing the decision to abandon plastic cards “UNICA” has re-aligned its business processes, conducted negotiations with the networks of partner medical institutions to move to another system of identification of clients and continues to develop mobile app myUNIQA, which is an effective alternative to plastic cards for customers, both from the point of view of their identification and from the point of view of information support, speed and quality of processing customer requests, availability of additional practical services (geolocation, medical card, etc.).

2018 Insurance company “UNIQA” and the New mail are business partners insurance of more than 23 thousand employees for the voluntary medical insurance programs.

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Z 2018 rock insurance company “UNCO” the group of companies Nova poshta her business partners in the hope Strahuvannya 23 thousands for a professionalism program dobrovolnoe medychne Strahuvannya.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine