Unilingualism: The federal Minister of Immigration now speaks French

Unilingualism: The Federal Minister of Immigration Now Speaks French


Nearly nine months after an “in English only” announcement, which had earned him 55 complaints to the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Justin Trudeau's Minister of Immigration was able to grant an interview in French to the Journal . 

“I have a teacher once a week and a director in the office, who is French-speaking. We practice every day, ”explained Sean Fraser during an interview entirely in French granted to the Journal on Wednesday afternoon.

Unilingual speech

Last January, Sean Fraser made an important 15-minute announcement in English, from A to Z. 

When Le Journal had relaunched it, he had admitted not having the “ability” to understand the first language spoken by 21.4% of the population in the country.

However, on Wednesday, Le Journal was able to note that his efforts have borne fruit since he is now able to understand the official language of Quebec.

“I was a new minister. It was a lesson for me,” he said of the linguistic incident.

“I made a mistake and if I make the same mistake another time, I have a big problem. With practice, it is possible to improve,” he concluded.


In Canada, more than 40% of people can have a conversation in more than one language and barely 9% in three or more, according to Statistics Canada.

10 worst federal entities for complaints (2021-2022)

1-Air Canada 2673

2-Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship 68

3-Agency Public Health 67

4-Royal Canadian Mounted Police 36

5-Elections Canada 33

6-Border Services Agency 29

< p>7-Canada Post 29

8-Canadian Aviation Security Authority 25

9-Canada Revenue Agency 22

10-Employment and Social Development 19

(Source: Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages)