Unions worried about service interruptions in daycare centers

Unions concerned about service interruptions in daycare centers


Labour shortages continue to hit childcare centers hard and unions fear more service disruptions with summer holidays and the seventh wave of COVID-19.< /strong>

Educators voluntarily go without vacation to make up for absences and avoid service disruptions.

“Sometimes, with COVID cases, an educator who was supposed to be at the post one morning must isolate themselves, ”commented Anne-Marie Bellerose, spokesperson for the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ). “We sometimes have to cancel vacation periods. The workers are holding the network at arm's length at the moment.”

In a context of labor shortages where employers are snapping up employees, the union has stressed the importance of being attractive, which requires salary increases.

He also recalled that early childhood education is the least well paid technique upon leaving CEGEP.

“Even if we value promotion more, if the salary is not there, it will be difficult to recruit. So we will have to, yes, promote, but also increase the salaries of students when they leave CEGEP,” added Ms. Bellerose.

The situation is no better in family daycares. For two years now, retirements and career reorientations follow one another. Nearly 600 childcare providers have already left the profession and other departures are expected by September.

“A family environment that closes means at least six children who can no longer have access to that place, so parents who are having more and more difficulty getting a place. Before we find (our old) pace, it will still take a long time, ”warned Chantal Racicot, spokesperson for the Federation of Health and Social Services (FSSS-CSN).


During the next negotiations, unions have told TVA Nouvelles that they will tackle the remuneration of new employees when they enter the labor market, to attract more workers.< /p>