Unique experience: in Texas, the zoo has launched an unusual tour on the machines

While Texas is preparing to cancel the quarantine in the context of the ongoing pandemic coronavirus, the zoo in San Antonio found a way to attract people eager to see some animals during the isolation. About it writes USA Today.

Уникальный опыт: в Техасе зоопарк запустил необычную экскурсию на машинах

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The authorities of the zoo announced a new tour Drive-Thru Zoo. The event was originally scheduled to be held in the first weekend of may, but the tickets were sold out in two hours, so the management decided to add more dates, announced President and Executive Director Tim morrow. Now to visit the Drive-Thru can be from 1 to 17 may.

According to the web site of the zoo, “a unique trip” also includes a snack and will last from 30 minutes to an hour. The tour route passes through the zoo (guests will go “at the speed of sloth” up to 4 mph/6.4 km / h) with the audio tour, which can be accessed through the website of the zoo.

“It really brings it to a new level,” said morrow about the latest efforts to raise funds for the zoo.

Non-profit zoo is still not fully open, despite the fact that the state is preparing to enter the first phase of its plan to open businesses. Morrow said that because of the pandemic, almost 60% of all staff of almost 700 people had to fire — weakening of the quarantine would allow him to return some of them work.

“The opportunity to bring these team members makes us very happy,” said morrow.

He said that Drive-Thru Zoo is “a safe and unique way to” bring visitors to the zoo, while adhering to quarantine restrictions. According to morrow, what makes a zoo, not much different from the services offered by restaurants and retailers.

And this is a unique and the only case when people do not go around the zoo on foot. Similar excursions were in the 1940-ies, when at the zoo, who is now 106 years, offered travel on donkey carts and in the 1980s, when it was available tram trips.

The zoo was closed on March 14, however, it held events Facebook Live with the zoo staff in masks, which attracted thousands of spectators. There was also created an emergency Fund of the zoo.

At the zoo, which in 2018 visited 1.14 million visitors, “is home to a large number of animals representing 750 species on 56 acres (22.6 ha), of which 34 acres (13 ha) are open to posetitelei”.

According to morrow, the operation of the zoo costs $300 000 to $500 000 per week.

“Unlike most zoos in the country, we are 100% dependent on the visitors who buy tickets and spend money inside the zoo,” said morrow.

He added: “We opened the Fund, like all non-profit organizations in the country, trying to raise money to cover expenses”



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