United States: a child sent by mistake 1100 km from home

ÉUnited States: child sent by mistake 1100 km from home


The family of a 12-year-old boy is furious with American Airlines for sending the boy, who was traveling alone, to the wrong state, 1,100 miles from his home, according to reported “The Insider”.

On June 8, the preteen was to leave Dallas, Texas, where he had come to visit his mother, to return to his father in Columbus, Texas. Georgia. The airline got it wrong, however, and instead sent the young boy to Columbus, Ohio.

When he bought the return ticket over the phone, the child's father claims to have repeated that his son had to go to Columbus, Georgia, and not Ohio.

“Frustratingly, it's that I looked at the flights on the Internet, but the company does not allow parents to buy the tickets themselves, otherwise I would have done it online,” the boy's father told the media “The Insider”.

According to the father, the American Airlines employee assured him that he had booked a seat on the correct flight. The ticket cost US$250, plus an extra $150 since the child was traveling alone.

“They charge you, but they don't take care of your children,” said lamented the father.

It was when he was waiting for his son at the airport that the man began to worry, since the child was not arriving. The father then called the airline and after some searching they eventually found him at the airport in Columbus, Ohio.

“For a while we didn’t know where he was. It was a real nightmare!” said the dad.

The child had to take a flight from Ohio to Dallas, Texas. He then had to wait five hours before boarding another plane which eventually transported him to Columbus, Georgia. His return home took him 12 hours longer than expected.

American Airlines wrote an apology email to the family, but the boy's father said he would no longer be doing business with this company. “They are incompetent,” he claimed.