United States: Violent assault after a college football match



University of Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh hopes criminal charges will be filed against four Michigan State Spartans athletes who violently assaulted two of his players after the last game. 

After Michigan University's convincing 29-7 victory over their Michigan State rivals Michigan State University on Saturday, four Michigan State players assaulted two Wolverines footballers, in the tunnel, at the exit from the field.

Several videos of the attack have also circulated on social networks. Individuals involved include linebacker Tank Brown, cornerback Khary Crump, safety Angelo Grose and defensive lineman Zion Young.

The foursome beat up defensive back Gemon Green and teammate Ja'Den McBurrows who tried to step in to help, Jim Harbaugh told ESPN.

“They will have to be accountable,” said the pilot. There must be an investigation to shed light on the situation. I can't imagine it won't lead to criminal charges. The videos clearly show the bad intentions of the players involved. There is no doubt.”

“As a program, we have a responsibility for each of the players, he continued. We have the trust of their parents and we must treat them as our own children. I take this responsibility very seriously and I can tell you that an apology will not be enough. There must be serious consequences. It is a traumatic experience for the whole program, especially for the two players on our team involved. We will support them.”

Harbaugh told CNN that one of the victims possibly had a broken nose from the assault.

“I saw one of the videos, it's 10 to 1 , it's deplorable,” he said.


For his part, Michigan State Spartans coach Mel Tucker, announced the suspension of the four players on his team who participated in the aggression.

“It does not represent the culture of our organization at all, he indicated. I made the decision to suspend them, due to the video evidence presented to me on Sunday. The players involved will be able to receive academic and medical support, but they will not be able to participate in any activity related to our team. This includes team meetings, practices and games. We will cooperate with the authorities.”

“We are deeply sorry for what happened,” he added. […] Out of respect for the ongoing investigation, it would be irresponsible for me to comment further.”