Universal basic income: US residents will pay hundreds of dollars just so

In several cities the US is going to launch projects of a universal basic income. Despite the fact that experiments to pay citizens a fixed allowance in other countries failed in America is still going to test this concept, the author writes channel NEWS.ru on “Yandex.Zen”.

Универсальный базовый доход: жителям США будут платить сотни долларов просто так

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And one of the possible candidates in presidents from Democrats Andrew young in his election campaign promised to pay all Americans $1000 per month regardless of their financial situation. Although he eventually withdrew his proposal has launched a broad public discussion.

A promise to introduce universal basic income — perhaps the only memorable campaign of Andrew young. The initiative, according to economists ‘ calculations, would require the U.S. budget, already a record deficit of several trillion dollars. To pay for fulfilling his campaign promises Yang proposed a combination of existing social programmes and raising the value added tax of 10%. That is, in the end, running a hand into the pockets of the Americans.

“Over the next 12 years, every third American worker was threatened with loss of employment because of new technologies, — stated Andrew Yang. And unlike previous waves of automation, this time new jobs will not appear so quickly in large quantities to offset the losses. To avoid unprecedented crisis, we will find a new solution”.

The fear that robots will take away American jobs, for a long time in the air. So for something to at least explore the concept of a universal basic income in practice, at different times acted as the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg and Tesla founder Elon Musk. Several cities are already testing such programs or going to do it. Among them Milwaukee, Newark, and Stockton.

The first two municipalities are planning to launch an experiment this year. And lasts for 18 months program in Stockton more than halfway completed: 125 specially selected residents with low incomes receive $500 per month. According to preliminary results, the recipients of benefits are spent for food, gasoline and utilities. Thus, the suspicion that assistance from the state will trangenics on luxury items, was not confirmed.

“This idea is new, so people don’t take her seriously — Politico cites the words of Newark mayor’s Race the Barracks. — So for us it is important to run pilot projects and to show people that this is serious.”

In fact, the idea is not so new. In particular, since the 1980-ies to every resident of Alaska is paid $1,000-2,000 per year depending on oil prices. This is the share of oil revenues of the state, but of a universal basic income for citizens to call it difficult: to get about $100 a month just nice, but essential contribution to the family budget, this amount does not make.

About the interest in the experiment at different times claimed the Italian city of Livorno, the Netherlands Utrecht, the canadian province of Ontario, several departments of France, and the governments of Scotland and Finland. The large-scale pilot project was launched by the Finnish authorities. From January 2017 to December 2018 2,000 unemployed citizens received €560 per month. The stated purpose of the experiment was to fight unemployment.

The fact that many unemployed people in Europe is not too actively looking for a place of employment for fear of losing them paid benefits. According to the authors of the experiment, the Finns, knowing that the work will not take them government subsidies, will increasingly be employed. In fact, it turned out that the universal basic income had no impact on employment. Although the participants of the project and stated that they began to feel happier.

The main obstacle to the introduction of a universal basic income is the financing. Until now, similar experiments were conducted on a small scale, so do not lay a heavy burden on the state budget or municipalities. Projects in the United States is almost entirely funded through personal donations and funds from various organizations. So, $3 million at the start of the experiment, in Stockton, were received from the Fund “the Project of economic security” and individuals.

Supporters of a universal basic income is on the left and on the right wing of American politics. But if the Democrats want it paid to the poorest segments of the population in addition to the benefits that they already receive, the Republicans advocate the replacement of all welfare benefits as a single grant. In any case, the participants of the primaries of the Democrats shows that the ideas of socialism in America, more is not afraid of anyone. Andrew young has been out of the game, but the socialist Bernie Sanders, offering free health care and higher education for all, on the contrary, has surged to first place in the polls.



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