Unknown killed the son of the former President of Germany during the lecture at the clinic (PHOTOS)

Неизвестный зарезал сына бывшего президента ФРГ во время лекции в клинике (ФОТО)

In Berlin killed Fritz von weizsäcker, son of the former German President Richard von weizsäcker. According to the newspaper Tagesspiegel, the unknown man attacked with a knife on a 59-year-old von weizsäcker in the hospital Charlottenburg Palace Park Clinic, where he lectured.

As the police found, the man was among the audience and suddenly attacked lector with a knife, inflicting several wounds. Resuscitation attempts on the spot to no avail. The listeners were able to stop the suspect, his motives and personality are still unknown. Serious injuries were suffered by one of the participants who tried to defend von weizsäcker. He was hospitalized with a severe wound.

Condolences in connection with death of von weizsäcker, who in the last few years headed a clinic in Charlottenburg, expressed the Chairman of the Free democratic party of Germany, Christian Lindner. “Great doctor and a wonderful person. Scary to think what kind of world we live in,” he wrote in his Twitter.

Richard von weizsäcker was President of Germany in 1984-1994 years. Its software performance was discussed in the 40th anniversary of the end of the Second world war in Europe. Then he urged not to forget the times of Nazi dictatorship and to remember the victims. In 2004, the German scholar günther Kruse said that the former President of Germany is a distant kinship with the founder of the Soviet Union Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, however no direct evidence for this presented.