Unpleasant incident happened with Justin Timberlake in Paris

On the famous American singer Justin Timberlake, who recently became a doctor of Sciences, was attacked in Paris.

Неприятный инцидент произошел с Джастином Тимберлейком в Париже

Unpleasant incident with Hollywood star occurred during a fashion week show Louis Vuitton, when he was behind-hand with wife Jessica Biel.

The attack was perpetrated by a prankster Vitaly Seduce, which slipped through the crowd, grabbed Justin by the leg from behind and tried to knock the singer down.

The pictures, taken by paparazzi, it is clear that Seduc clings to the leg of Timberlake, and then is eliminated from the guards.

Guards Justin Timberlake quickly reacted to the attacker and pulled him from the contractor. Luckily, Justin was not injured physically.

When Prancer eliminated from the star couple, Justin with his wife without attracting attention, continued to go to a social event.