Unprecedented enthusiasm

Unprecedented enthusiasm


Quebec City Comiccon spokesperson Jason Rockman is seeing unprecedented enthusiasm for the 8th edition of Quebec City Comiccon.

“The reaction is strong. It looks like people are happy. It’s crazy and it’s very exciting,” he said in a telephone interview.

Presented last year in the context of a pandemic with an easing of sanitary measures, the Comiccon had attracted 10,000 people. The Quebec Comiccon had been the only one to be presented. Those in Laval, Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg had to be cancelled.

With a return to normal, without constraints, Jason Rockman thinks that people, who had been hesitant last fall, are will present again at the Center des congrès de Québec. The eighth edition could set a new mark in terms of attendance.

“Quebec City Comiccon has its particularities. Beyond the programming, people come for the event, the popular masquerade and not necessarily for the guests,” he clarified.


For its eighth edition, which begins on Saturday, Comiccon will welcome 150 artists, exhibitors and retailers linked to the world of comic books, films, video games, science fiction , horror, toys, anime, manga and popular culture.

We will find a conference with Martin Boulianne, director of the animated series Red Ketchup who will make its debut this winter on Télétoon La Nuit.

There will be a meeting with the actors Lucien Ratio, Catherine Brunet, Benoit Drouin-Germain, Marc-Antoine Marceau, Éric K. Boulianne that we can see it on the big screen in the film Farador and an interview with Marc Joly-Corcoran who directed the documentary Let the fan be with you about fans of the Star Wars universe and some guests.

All information is online at comicconquebec.com.