‘Unusual and disturbing behavior’: the United States accused Russia of persecuting American satellite

General Cosmic forces of the United States reported that Russian satellites chasing one of the most powerful American satellites scouts, writes Fox News.

'Необычное и тревожное поведение': США обвинили Россию в преследовании американского спутника

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A senior commander of the Space forces of the USA General John “Jay” Raymond reported that two Russian satellites “hang on the tail” of advanced American machine-scout and occasionally pass within 100 miles (160 km) from the spacecraft worth billions of dollars.

General Raymond said that the Russian satellite, which was later divided into two, was launched in November, and called his movement “unusual and alarming”.

“There is potential to create a dangerous situation in the space,” he said, while other experts expressed concerns about what Moscow can learn from photographs of the spacecraft close-up.

The administration trump recently requested a defense budget that will keep unforeseen expenses at 705 billion. Space forces will receive 15.4 billion dollars of this funding and to begin with, they’d get a 6400 employees of the air force of the United States.

The activity of Cosmic forces is to improve the protection of American satellites and other space assets, and not to withdraw the troops into orbit for the conduct of hostilities in outer space.

Originally trump wanted to create a Space force that would be “separate but equal” of the army, Navy and air force, but Congress instead made them part of the Department of the air force.

Report of Time magazine illustrates almost a case of alleged scientific space espionage. According to reports, in November last year, Russia launched a satellite into orbit and staying in orbit, it was divided into two separate satellites. One expert compared it to “Russian nesting doll”.

The Kremlin insisted that the satellites simply experiments. Amateur satellite tracker used publicly available data to theorize about the fact that Russian satellites “intelligently designed” to monitor U.S. satellites during a complex visual moments in orbit, such as sunrises.

“It is obvious that Russia is developing in orbit, which seek to exploit our dependence on space systems that feed our American way of life,” said Ramond publication Time.




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