Unusual weather phenomena were captured. Amazing photos hit the web

Nothing is as stunning and terrifying as the beauty and power of nature.

Unusual weather phenomena have been captured. Amazing photos went online

Since the first philosopher decided to break the rules and see what really scares the whole village behind the thunderous wilderness, mankind returns boldly eyes on the law of nature.

Unusual weather phenomena captured in photos

Stop believing for a word that it is the anger of the gods that makes the sky shine, bursting with light on the ground, or that disgruntled gods make it do suddenly dark in the middle of the day.

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Nature lovers and storm hunters know very well how beautiful nature can be in its power and strength. The Internet is dotted with material containing immortalized atmospheric phenomena that scientists used to use to control unsuspecting fat.

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Amazing arrangements and forms of clouds, mysterious luminous shapes on the horizon, or colors dancing in the sky, have been captured both by professional photographers and avid photographic amateurs.

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Everyone has seen a rainbow at least once in their life, which appears when the sun is shining during rain or drizzle. A fleeting effect can also be achieved by directing the stream of scattered water droplets towards the sun.

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This effect is also created in the mountains when moisture molecules are floating in the air. While casting a shadow, we can see an angelic figure in the distance.

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Brocken specter, it's one of the many miracles that mighty Mother Nature shares with us. Many mountaineers have had the chance to see and capture this colorful and luminous phenomenon through a lens.

One platform where many Mother Nature groups publish amazing photos is Reddit. There you can see phenomena that occur in other parts of the world, and fortunately we can watch them in catastrophic films. Taking such photos requires a lot of knowledge and courage!

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Have you ever seen anything like it with your own eyes?