Up to 100 meteors per hour: southern California waiting for the first in 2020 a meteor shower

In the beginning of 2020 residents of southern California expects incredibly beautiful the first year, a meteor shower, when you can watch the fall up to 100 meteors per hour. This writes Only in Tour State.

До 100 метеоров в час: Южную Калифорнию ждет первый в 2020 году метеоритный дождь

Photo: Depositphotos

If you like a meteor shower, then get ready for the first in 2020, which is not far off. Meteor stream quadrantids, can be seen in southern California 3-4 January 2020. It will be an unforgettable spectacle.

If you’ve never seen before meteor shower quadrantid, you should pay attention to it in 2020. Falling stars bright blue that you will see during this meteor shower, are an awesome sight.

What makes this year the best year for viewing this event?

In previous years, the Quadrantids typically fall at speeds up to 40 meteors per hour. But in 2020, you can expect to see up to 100 meteors per hour. So get ready for a night sky filled with tons of falling stars.

You won’t need a telescope, binoculars or special equipment to view a meteor shower of quadrantids. But you will need to find a remote location without the blinding city lights to truly appreciate the scale of this exciting event.

Areas such as Joshua tree or other desert areas of southern California are among the favorite places to observe this celestial event.

Friday 3rd January from 17:00 till Saturday 4 Jan to 07:00 you will have the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular meteor shower.