UPA attacked by ransomware

UPA attacked by rançunware


On August 7, ransomware took hostage the computer system of the Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA), which has been frozen ever since.

The perpetrators of the cyberattack are still unknown, but may be in Ukraine or neighboring post-Soviet states, according to UPA Director General Charles-Felix Ross.

“This is the first time that we are the victim of such a major attack, he said on QUB radio on Tuesday. Is the intention of the [hackers] only pecuniary or are they interested in certain data?”

Ransomware is software that targets security vulnerabilities in a organization to steal her data, then demands that she pay a ransom if she wants it back.

“It really is extortion. […] They enter our systems, they block them, and to unblock them, they demand a ransom from you. We are in the process of taking stock of the situation with experts and we will act in the coming days,” said Mr. Ross.

The cyberattack froze, among other things, the payroll service , files shared on the internal network, the intranet and several other applications necessary for the proper functioning of the UPA, can we read in a press release.

“Everything works with computers these days , even our homes, fridges and heating. So on the scale of an organization or a business, it's really tough. It's downright blocking our operations,” lamented the director of the UPA.

“Some things will come back quickly, but it will be restored according to priorities. But we will get out of it, ”he added in the press release.