Updated kupeobrazny cross Mazda CX-4 shown on the official pictures

Обновленный купеобразный кросс Mazda CX-4 показали на официальных снимках

Mazda has revealed the first official photos of the updated version kupeobrazny crossover Mazda CX-4.

After the restyling of the SUV began to resemble current models of the brand.

So, a new front bumper, for example, is made in the spirit of the Mazda CX-5. Also attract the attention of the protruding grille and modified head optics on the LEDs of complex geometric shapes.

Inside the cross coupe appeared a different unit climate control, advanced media with a “floating” touch screen front panel with new trim.

In the engine range of novelties included atmospheric engines Skyactiv-G with a volume of two and 2.5 liter returns 158 and 192 BHP respectively. A couple of them can be a six-speed “mechanics” or 6АКПП. Basic cross gets front-wheel drive, and for a fee you can get all-wheel-drive Mazda CX-4.

In the list option is available for the updated cross-coupe include adaptive cruise control, camera circular video review, and systems of collision avoidance and monitoring “blind” zones.

In sale the novelty will appear later this month. Price manufacturer has not yet disclose.