Urgent alerts almost all over Poland. Harsh weather conditions can soon occur. What is it about

IMGW keeps informing about constant weather changes.

 Urgent alerts almost all over Poland. Difficult weather conditions may soon occur. What's going on

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management informs about the current weather forecasts , which are not optimistic for most of the country as there are forecasted heavy rains with hail and storms, alternating with unbearable heat.

Stay up to date with the weather forecast as it may change from the hour per hour

How it turns out, when some second-degree alerts concerning strong gusts, downpours, storms and hailstorms expire, others are sent to these residents of Poland by the Government Security Center.

We must remember that that nowadays in Poland and not only the weather conditions can change from hour to hour, therefore we should be prepared for any eventuality, and our animals and property should be properly protected against rain, wind and wind. storms and before heat.

Until now, alerts were valid in the southern and eastern regions of Poland, where there was strong local rainfall.

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