Urgent warning from the fortune teller Maciej. He revealed what will happen in the coming years. “It's happening gradually.” What is it about

Fortune teller Maciej warns people against systemic brainwashing. He related what will happen in the next few years.

 Urgent warning from the resurrected Maciej. He revealed what will happen in the coming years. & ldquo; This is happening gradually & rdquo ;. </p>
<p> The well-known and popular friar Maciej Skrzywek gave an interview to one of the tabloids, in which he answered the journalist very accurately to questions related to our future in a global sense, and in particular revealed the meaning of astrological symbols. </p>
<p>He confirmed the words of many other astrologers and alchemists who warned against another sudden leap in technology development. </p>
<h2> “The public is happy but does not know that they are falling into the trap of a stuck Saturn” </h2 >
<p>Friar Maciej is known for his live TV broadcasts, during which you can call the studio and get answers to your questions. As he admitted, he does not feel like a celebrity, he is not with him and does not want to be with him, although he realizes that he has previously allowed himself to be played on all kinds of TV programs. </p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

A frog During a conversation with a journalist, Maciej warned people against the destructive effects of systemic speech washing, which deprived people of faith in astrology as a science that could once have been studied, but was withdrawn from university.

He revealed the astrological significance of Neptune's presence in Pisces, which will last until 2026 and will still cause many mental illnesses and alcohol addictions. Friar Maciej has a great regret to the media for not warning people.

As he stated firmly, everyone should know about the amazing technological breakthrough that is to come in the coming years. He also warned against trusting artificial intelligence, which we are happy to use today as a life easier.

He quoted Elon Musk, who personally warned people against the excessive development of artificial intelligence. As he admitted, it will become our curse – Saturn means regime – it is a planet of limitations and constraints. There may be new, even dangerous, things imposed on the masses of people. There is a lot to show off – just to mention robotics and artificial intelligence, which Elon Musk announced last year. It was laughed that chips were a conspiracy theory invented by a fool, and said would-be Twitter owner had already implanted one in his m & oacute; g … – said the writer.