Urinary tract infection can cause a stroke

A new study found that infections, especially those that are in the urinary tract, known as UTIS, can increase the risk of stroke.

Инфекции мочевыводящих путей могут спровоцировать инсульт

The researchers studied electronic medical records of more than 191 000 patients who have had a stroke to find out whether they were hospitalized or treated in the emergency room due to various infections before stroke. Monitored infection of the abdominal cavity, blood, respiratory tract, skin and urinary tract.

The doctors found that the risk of stroke was higher in the weeks and months after any infection requiring treatment in hospital. The strongest such relationship was for the UTI. After them, the risk of stroke within 30 days after infection was increased three times.

The connection can be explained as follows: the infection cause inflammation throughout the body, which may contribute to the formation of blood clots. The majority of strokes are from a clot that blocks blood flow to the brain.