US Ambassador to the EU has acknowledged that Kiev has set conditions for helping (PHOTOS)

US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland recognized in Congress, the presence of so-called “service for service” in providing aid to Kiev in exchange for the investigation against hunter Biden – son of the former Vice-President Joseph Biden. He stated this on Wednesday, speaking at a public hearing in the special Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives to investigate the case of impeachment against the head of the White house Donald trump, reports TASS.

“The Committee frequently addressed these complex issues in the form of… was there A “service for service”… As I said earlier, my answer is Yes,” said the diplomat.

According to Gordon Sandland, Rudolph Giuliani (trump’s lawyer) handed over to the Minister of energy Rick Perry, Ambassador Kurt Volker and others that the President wants the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said publicly about the decision to start an investigation into “Burime” (Ukrainian company, which was part of hunter Biden) and the 2016 election. “Giuliani directly conveyed these requests to the Ukrainian side, he also handed them directly to us”, – said the diplomat. We all understood that these pre-conditions for [the] telephone conversation [trump with Zelensky] and meetings in the White house reflect the desires and demands of the President trump”.

Gordon Sandland also confirmed Wednesday that on July 26, while in one of the Kyiv restaurants, talking with President Donald trump on his mobile phone. According to the diplomat, the American leader knew that the conversation is conducted over insecure communication lines.

Sandland asked, not bothered whether its the fact that a telephone conversation could be monitored “by a foreign government.” “I have all the time there are unclassified conversations on unsecured lines and mobile phones, if the theme is not secret. The President to decide what is classified and what is not confidential. He also knew that the line’s open,” he said Sandland.

Earlier the employee of the American Embassy in Kiev David Holmes on closed hearings said that this conversation Sandland with trump struck him as unusual from the point of view of ensuring security of communication. Holmes made a statement that this conversation could listen to the Russians. In addition, according to Holmes, in the beginning of the conversation the voice of the tramp was too loud, so Sandland distanced the phone from his ear, and the conversation became audible to those around him in the restaurant.

Holmes also argued that in the course of the conversation the American leader was interested in the readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to launch an investigation against the son of the former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden. However, Sandland at a hearing Wednesday said that he had “no reason to doubt that the conversation included the topic of investigation”, but, as it seems, the main reason for the call was the case of ASAP rapper rocky, who was arrested in Sweden in early July.

The story featuring the son of the former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden in the work of the Ukrainian company “Burisma” it caused a loud political scandal in the United States. According to the American press, representatives of the administration of current President Donald trump was trying to find in Ukraine the dirt on Biden and thus prevent his campaign for the presidency in 2020.

Democrats accused trump that he was trying to put pressure on the new Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky so that it resumed its case against the company “Burisma”. Only in this case Ukraine could count on military and financial aid from the United States. These allegations formed the basis of the initiated procedure of impeachment.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities said Wednesday that they will continue the investigation into the founder of the Ukrainian gas company “Burisma” Mykola Zlochevsky, who previously held the post of Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine. Zlochevsky declared wanted, said at a press-conference General Prosecutor of Ukraine Ruslan riaboshapka.

“The investigation against Zlochevsky was stopped, and then resumed for the expansion of the charges, and again stopped”, – he said.

Ryaboshapka explained that the investigation was suspended, as Zlochevsky declared wanted. According to the Prosecutor General, the founder of “Burimi” appears in 13 criminal cases, which will give the security Service of Ukraine or the National anti-corruption Bureau.

Earlier Ryaboshapka declared that in Ukraine there are no criminal cases against “Burimi”, however, there may be investigations, where appears the name of the company. Also the head of the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Golodnitsky reported that the criminal case against the company “Burisma” does not appear the names of its founder Zlochevsky son of a former Vice-President of the USA hunter Biden.

Earlier, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko stated that Biden’s son received from the company “Burisma” about $ 1 million.