US intelligence reports that China is amassing troops to Hong Kong (PHOTOS)


Us intelligence has information that the Chinese authorities pull together troops to the borders of the special Autonomous region of Hong Kong, which have two months to continue the vigorous protests with the overlap of the streets and clashes with police. The message on the survey data posted Tuesday on Twitter the US President Donald trump.

“Our intelligence has informed us that the Chinese government is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong. Everyone should remain calm and be careful!” – wrote the American President.

Previously, the Chinese international news channel CGTN has posted a video with the accumulation of armored vehicles of the Chinese people’s armed police force (PAPF) in Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong.

The US President Donald trump called the situation with the ongoing Hong Kong mass protests is very complicated, but expressed the hope that the output will be found and will suit all parties. About this American leader said Tuesday before flying to Pennsylvania, reports TASS.

“The situation in Hong Kong is very difficult, he said. – Let’s see what happens, but I’m sure it will be resolved. I hope that the output will suit all parties, including China, by the way. I hope no one will get hurt and not die.”

More than two months ago in Hong Kong, mass protests broke out against the initiated by the local authorities of the bill, which aims to establish the mechanism of delivery from Hong Kong to mainland China for the prosecution of persons suspected of violating laws of China or under investigation. Under public pressure, the head of the local administration Carrie Lam took the bill from the agenda, but that hasn’t stopped a wave of protests.

August 11 in different parts of the city held an unauthorized anti-government demonstrations. Security officials in some cases used to disperse the audience with tear gas and rubber bullets. 40 people were injured. The demonstrators accuse the police of brutality, and threatened major protests, including at the airport.

Meanwhile, protesters are preparing for the confrontation with the police, developing new types of weapons. According to the published HR, sometimes they use a giant “slingshot”, is similar in principle to the ancient catapults, air guns and Molotov cocktails.

The course is and the products created using modern technologies. So, the protesters armed themselves with laser pointers, which are trying to blind the police and disorienting camera face recognition. it Began after the police arrested one of the demonstrators and said that the laser pointer is a weapon. The following shares of the lasers was almost all.

On Tuesday, the Hong Kong international airport suspended check-in of passengers for all flights from-for passing in its territory of anti-government protests. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the statement of the administration of the Hong Kong airport.

“Work terminal Hong Kong international airport have been severely violated as a result of a mass congestion of people at the airport today,” said the Directorate of the air Harbor.
Earlier Tuesday, more than 300 flights were canceled at Hong Kong international airport, which is intermittent due to mass protests. On Monday, the halls had been thousands of protesters, forcing the administration of the air port to cancel all departing evening flights. It was planned to normalize the Tuesday morning, but it still failed. In particular, dozens of flights has canceled the largest local airline Cathay Pacific.

To disperse the protesters in front of the airport, police used pepper gas. Clashes between police and demonstrators began after protesters blocked the path of a police car that followed the ambulance traveling from adjacent to the airport site. Law enforcement officers used pepper spray to push the protesters from the car of physicians.

Blogger Ilya Varlamov, who made a photo report about the situation in Hong Kong, cites the opinion of his driving cab. He said because of the protests in Hong Kong, fewer tourists, hotels and restaurants are half-empty, and in General, the city suffers large losses because of this.

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