USA and Denmark are fighting again over Greenland: trump can’t shake the desire to control the island

In 2020 the US plans to open a Consulate in Greenland, the Arctic territory, with a population of 56 000. This writes the “Voice of America”.

США и Дании опять ссорятся из-за Гренландии: Трампа не покидает желание контролировать остров

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The United States also plan to provide site assistance in the amount of $12 million for economic and educational development of the region. On Friday, April 24, according to a senior US official.

“Assistance will go to the development of natural resources, energy technologies, education and tourism and other investments,” said a us official.

The melting of Arctic ice opens the way to significant mineral resources of Greenland.

Also on site is the American military base, which is important for NATO and the United States in preventing missile strikes and for observation from space.

“We are also concerned about the militarization of the region by Russia,” said a us official.

The leadership of Greenland has welcomed the news. Greenland is an Autonomous territory of Denmark. In the US State Department said that such measures were implemented after significant consultation with Denmark. Still in Denmark some politicians have criticized the U.S. plans for a rapprochement with the territory.

“They really crossed the border, said Carsten Hong, a politician of the ruling socialist party of Denmark. — Absolutely unheard of to a close ally tried to create a barrier between Denmark and Greenland”.

Soeren Jespersen with the nationalist Danish people’s party, said that the aid package similar to the “something with regard to third world countries … but Greenland is not a country that is developing. Is Western democracy.”

In August 2019, in Denmark, criticized the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump about a possible purchase of Greenland.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • 16 Aug trump expressed interest in buying Greenland, part of Denmark as an Autonomous territory.
  • Denmark stated that it did not intend to sell the island. In response, the U.S. leader canceled a scheduled visit to Copenhagen.
  • Why Trump took Greenland, and how much it offered.



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