USA: ban on Juul Labs electronic cigarettes temporarily suspended

É.-U.: Juul Labs e-cigarette ban suspended temporarily


An appeals court on Friday temporarily suspended the decision of the United States health agency (FDA) to ban the sale in the United States of all Juul brand electronic cigarettes Laabs.  

Shortly after the ban was announced on Thursday, the company warned that it would file a motion seeking an urgent adjournment, before possibly preparing a more robust appeals process. 

The judges of a Washington appeals court decided to suspend the decision in order to give themselves more time to study Juul Labs' request, which is not an indication of the merits of the case, they said. in their judgment, consulted by AFP. 

The FDA said the startup, which helped make e-cigarettes popular with its USB-shaped vapes and fruity-flavored nicotine refills, hadn't provided enough data on its products to make an assessment. “the potential toxicological risks”.

It has therefore decided to order the ban on the marketing of its products and the withdrawal of those already in stores. 

Juul Labs claims for its part to have “provided sufficient information and data” to resolve all the problems raised by the agency. 

It had warned on Thursday that it intended to request the suspension of the decision and explore all options available to it, including an appeal.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is also exploring with its legal advisors the possibility of filing for the protection of the bankruptcy law if FDA ban upheld. 

The FDA did not immediately respond to a request from AFP.