USA bombed an air base in Syria (PHOTO)

US forces destroyed their own airbase in the province of al-hasakah in northeast Syria.

On a military base Klab located near the town of tel Tamar, where at the moment there are fights between Kurdish forces and Pro-Turkish forces, was equipped with a runway for military transport aircraft, as well as a helipad, according to Syrian national news Agency SANA.

After the Pentagon adopted by the President of the USA Donald trump decision on the withdrawal from Syria of the American contingent was forced to destroy his base, so she went to illegal armed groups.

The us military is also preparing to leave the base near the dam As-Sabee located in the same province of al-hasakah.

The US and its allies in 2014 carried out in Syria and Iraq, the operation against the terrorist group ISIS*. The US President announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria in December 2018, but without clarifying deadlines for such a conclusion. In reality, the withdrawal of us troops and equipment began in early October of this year.

On 7 October, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the United States began to withdraw troops from the North-East of Syria, where Ankara has begun operation on creation of a security zone. A week before Erdogan announced that Turkey intends to act independently in the matter of creation of a security zone East of the Euphrates river in Syria, as it has failed to achieve the desired result in negotiations with Washington. The white house refused to support in any way participate in military operations of Turkey in Northern Syria, it was decided that the us military is not close to the venue.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization