USA came in first place in the number of infections with coronavirus: what is happening in the world

USA overtook China in the number of infected coronavirus (85 996 cases in the U.S. and 81 894 in China, according to the latest data on the morning of March 27). The number of cases in the United States is growing rapidly, while in China, the number of new infections in the tens per day. About it writes BBC.

США вышли на первое место по числу заражений коронавирусом: что происходит в мире

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According to the President of the United States Donald trump, the country came in first place for cases of infection with coronavirus for mass testing of people.

In one only new York has more than 30 thousand patients. Worse statistics in Italy. Cases of infection were recorded in all 50 U.S. States, the number of deaths has reached 1 300 people.

Earlier, the US Senate passed a bill to allocate $2 trillion to support the economy of the country. It is the largest aid package from the government in American history, it is assumed that every adult resident of the United States will receive one-time assistance in the amount of $1 200. In addition, small companies will be able to rely on subsidies to ensure payment of wages.

The number of unemployed in the United States after the outbreak of coronavirus, has exceeded all forecasts and reached 3.3 million people.

The most vulnerable part of the population — those who receive an hourly wage and live from paycheck to paycheck. Millions of workers suddenly left without a job.

According to the Department of labor, more than three million Americans last week have filed to receive unemployment benefits — breaking the previous record of 1982, when the turn on benefits rose 695 thousand people.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world on Thursday exceeded half a million people.

In France and Britain, recorded a sharp increase in the number of deaths from the disease. Italy again increased the number of deaths per day died 712 people, but only for the time of a pandemic — 8 215 people.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced a complete closure of the borders, and Britain announced measures to support the self-employed.

Appeared on Tuesday little hope that in Italy the increase in the number of deaths from the coronavirus began to decline, on Thursday collapsed: the day the country died 712 people. Earlier it was reported that he died 662 infected, but the authorities were not included in the report 50 dead from the Piedmont region.

This means that the number of deaths per day increased again. Wednesday, March 25, the figure was 683 case.

Virtual summit

The leaders of the countries “Big twenty” held on Thursday, March 26, virtual summit chaired by Saudi Arabia, to discuss a plan of emergency measures to combat a global threat.

The leaders of the “twenty” has pledged to combating coronavirus all affected by the pandemic countries $5 trillion. In the first place will help countries with undeveloped health care system, particularly island States.

In the coming weeks, the Finance Ministers of “twenty” together with the administering of the European Central Bank will work on the programme of action to support the global economy.

Their goal is to prevent the stop of world trade, particularly trafficking in drugs. They also promise additional measures aimed at the repatriation of citizens, where it is needed.

UN asks world leaders to pay particular attention to the plight of millions of refugees and displaced persons, especially in countries such as Syria and Libya, which, because of the political crisis are unable to help those in need.

Ukraine closed the border

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced that by Friday evening, 27 March, a fully closed state border.

“Until the end of Friday 27 March will be closed the state border and stopped all passenger traffic”, — he said in an address to Ukrainians.

Those citizens who remain at the time of closure of the border abroad, the President promised to return gradually.

“No Ukrainian who remain abroad, no one will forget. We will gradually you return from abroad, but taking into account the epidemiological situation in the place of your stay, as well as the level of providing the necessary funds and the readiness of the medical system to your mandatory isolation,” said the President.

The Ukrainian railway monopoly, JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” appointed on March 27 flight Kiev-Moscow, intended for the evacuation of Russian Ukrainian citizens. However, in accordance with the company’s plans, he should be sent from Moscow on March 28 and arrive in Kiev on Sunday morning, March 29.

The self-proclaimed Republic in Eastern Ukraine has not yet made any statements about closing the border, two days ago, in the so-called DNR said about 71 sick in a suspected coronavirus.

Alarm in Italy

Tuesday, March 24, there were hopes that in the Northern regions of Italy most affected by the epidemic Covid-19, for the first time since the outbreak, there was a decline in the number of infected and deaths, and the dynamics of infection begins to slow down.

New numbers of cases and deaths on Thursday, but, to the contrary, in addition there were fears that the epicenter of the epidemic may shift to the South of the country.

The southern regions of Italy poorer than Northern, to fight the spread of the virus and treat the patients there difficult.

A record increase in mortality in Spain

The most difficult situation is in the South of Europe: Spain surpassed China in the number of deaths from the coronavirus, yielding in a sad rating of only Italy.

For the last day in the country died in 738 people, a record number for one day. The total number of deaths in Spain at the moment is 4 of 365 people.

In China died 3 296 people, in Italy — 8 215.

In Spanish hospitals with a confirmed diagnosis are about 27 thousand people. The worst situation in Madrid, a rapidly increasing number of infected in Catalonia.

The Spanish Parliament extended the full quarantine in the country for another two weeks.

Earlier it was reported that Covid-19 revealed at the Deputy Prime-Minister Carmen Calvo. Sunday she was taken to the hospital with signs of lung insufficiency.

The crisis in Britain

The measure of the number of deaths from the coronavirus in Britain per day for the first time exceeded 100 people. Just from the infection died of 580 people, said local authorities.

Only in the country test for the coronavirus passed almost 105 thousand people, 11 of them 816 were infected.

Britain continues to operate a universal quarantine, closed almost all of the stores except pharmacies and food, residents are advised to leave home unless absolutely necessary.

Wednesday, March 25, the police was given the authority to fine violating the isolation mode. In England the penalty for first offense will be £ 60 ($73) (or 30 ($36,6), if you pay it within two weeks), but for repeated violations, you can obtain the fine is 960 pounds ($1 173).

In the leadership of one of the London hospitals warn that the hospitals of London, expects a “tsunami are infected with the coronavirus”. Also, according to one of the doctors, medical institutions are beginning to experience a lack of beds equipped with ventilators.

According to Chris Hopson, the head of one of the companies governing the work of the British National health system (NHS), the ability of intensive care and intensive care units in London hospitals has been greatly expanded since the beginning of the epidemic, but very soon this will not be enough.

London accounts for a third of all confirmed UK cases.

In addition, according to Hobson, in the country there is a severe shortage of medical personnel, as many doctors dealing with patients with Covid-19, left in isolation.

Thursday, March 26, it was reported the first death in a British prison. Died 84-year-old inmate, who was diagnosed with Covid-19.

The Minister of Finance of Britain Rishi Sunak told how the authorities are going to help the self-employed. They will be able to require the government assistance in the amount of 80% of his average monthly profit, but the maximum amount of assistance will be limited to 2500 pounds ($3 053) a month.

Now planiruetsya that the scheme will run for three months starting in March, however payment will be lump sum and will be made in June.

Draconian measures in France

Dramatically increased the number of deaths from Covid-19 in France. Authorities reported that the night died 365, and the total figure now stands at 1 698 people. Yesterday it was reported about the death of 231 people. The country has infected almost 30 thousand people

The French authorities are constantly tightening restrictive measures to combat the outbreak of the disease. Fans of Jogging in the fresh air is now impossible to get away from home for more than a kilometer, and stay on the street longer than an hour.

Hundreds of thousands of police patrolled the streets of the French cities. Violators of the quarantine will go to jail for a period of six months.

Reporters now need special permission to work on the streets. Previously, it was enough to show the certificate of publication.

Cases are known when people will be fined if they are in the car two by two. To go out for food maybe only one member of the family.

Germany: more than two to assemble

In Germany, the rules are not as rigid. On walks you can go with the whole family, if they live under the same roof.

You can also meet in the street with friends and other relatives, but in this case, you are only allowed to walk together and to keep the distance of 1.5 meters. This is followed by the police.

The mortality rate from coronavirus in Germany is one of the lowest in Europe, but virologists of the country warn that the situation may change.

The Germans write in social networks that the shelves, as well as in Britain, lost all pasta and flour.

In Germany, almost 50 thousand cases, deaths — 281.

What else in Europe?

A large part of the population of Austria is in quarantine, and the inhabitants of the country are faced with the problem of delivering products at home. A schedule of all the relevant services are planned for the weeks ahead.

In the Hungarian capital Budapest charitable team Bike Maffia goes round on bicycles hot food and vitamins to homeless shelters.

Between Slovenia and Serbia overdue diplomatic conflict: Serbia closed the border, leaving the territory of Slovenia, nearly 100 of its citizens. They all came to Slovenia to work, lost his job, but to come home can’t. According to the Slovenian authorities, the majority of them live in cars.

The situation in the world

In Iran, a new surge of cases in the country introduced a ban on intercity.

The Singapore economy declined by 10% since the beginning of the year compared with the previous quarter.

The Kenyan authorities imposed a ban on the import of used clothing. It’s a big business in this country. Many Kenyans with low income dress up just for markets products second-hand. The clothes are mainly imported from Europe, North America and China.



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