USA came in first place in the world in the number of deaths from coronavirus

The death toll from the coronavirus in the US now more than any other country in the world. This publication reports the BBC.

США вышли на первое место в мире по числу смертей от коронавируса

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In addition, the United States became the first country in the world where per day from coronavirus have died more than 2 thousand people. According to the Johns Hopkins University, 24 hours (10-11 APR) in the country from the new virus died 2 108 people.

In total, according to Worldometers Info, since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States died 20 580 people, more than a third of deaths took place in new York. State Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday announced that per day there died 783 persons. The total number charged in the United States, as of the evening of 11 April, there were 533 115 people.

In other countries

In Italy on Saturday the number of deaths among those infected with coronavirus increased by 619 people and reached 19 468 people. Before that, the number of deaths in Italy fell for two consecutive days, but now rose again on Friday reported 570 deaths.

The number of confirmed diagnoses tests in Italy rose for the day 3.1%, to 152 271 people. And the number of patients in intensive care units fell by 116 people.

In third place in the world in the number of deaths turned out to be Spain. There is, as of April 11, the virus has claimed 16 972 of life, and the number of people infected totaled 166 019 people.

In the hospitals of France during the day, died, 353 ill, in nursing homes — 290. The number of patients in the intensive care unit in the country here, too, falling for the third day in a row.

From the point of view of representatives of health systems, this means that the load on hospitals fall, and they begin to deal more effectively with the epidemic.

In Britain the day he died 917 people, the age of the deceased — from 11 to 102 years. 33 of them do not have any health problems. Since the beginning of the pandemic in the country died 9 875 people, officials said.

Meanwhile, British authorities said that the condition of Prime Minister Boris Johnson receiving treatment from Covid-19 in the hospital, is improving rapidly. He was transferred from intensive care Thursday and the day before, as announced in Downing street, he again began to walk without assistance.

Brazil first in the southern hemisphere crossed the mark of 1 thousand deaths. The Ministry of health reported that since the beginning of the pandemic in the country revealed that 19 638 cases of infection and 1 056 deaths.

Authorities believe that the real picture could be much worse, because the tests for coronavirus, it takes only the patients in hospitals. Experts believe that the peak of the outbreak will be passed before the end of the month.

Most States imposed a quarantine, but the President of the country Air Bolsonaro believes that the restrictions will hurt the economy, and trying to cancel them. He threatened to issue a state decree which would oblige the company to begin work.

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