USA changed the rules for obtaining asylum

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is repealing a rule, introduced in November 2020, to interview all applicants who file Form I-730 (“Application for Refugee/Asylum Status” ). The agency will revert to its old long-standing practice of deciding on a case-by-case basis about whether to conduct an interview. This is stated on the USCIS website.

The US changed the rules for receiving asylum

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The department notes that this policy has greatly influenced refugees and individuals, asylum seekers. In addition, the rule influenced the effectiveness of litigation. Indeed, in addition to problematic cases, it was necessary to conduct interviews with people to whom everything was in order with the documents. Therefore, much less time was left to identify fraud.

“USCIS can perform robust fraud and security checks and maintain strict program integrity without this general interview policy. In addition, we reserve the right to interview any applicant if the agency deems it necessary, ”& # 8211; USCIS said in a statement.

An individual admitted to the United States as a refugee or asylum seeker can file an I-730 petition on behalf of a spouse or child. Eligible spouses or unmarried children can obtain refugee status as beneficiaries of Form I-730. They do not need to independently qualify as key asylum seekers or refugees, but they should meet the applicant's requirements and meet all other applicable eligibility criteria.