USA imposed new sanctions against Iran (PHOTO)

США ввели новые санкции против Ирана (ФОТО)

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced the introduction of additional sanctions against Tehran. As reported on the Department’s website, this solution will help to maintain control over the civilian nuclear program of Iran, to reduce the risks of proliferation, to limit the ability of Iran to reduce the “breakthrough time” for the pursuit of nuclear weapons and to prevent conversion of facilities for distribution. Restrictive measures concern, in particular, the construction sector and the Iranian missile program.

The state Department explained that the construction sector of Iran directly or indirectly linked to the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, against which Washington is “a policy of maximum pressure.” In this regard, the state Department decided to impose a ban on the supply of a number of materials used for construction. So, the sanctions are subject to sale, supply or transfer to Iran or from Iran of materials and semi-finished metals, graphite, coal and software for integrating industrial purposes.

In addition, the foreign Ministry, the US imposes restrictions on the supply of a number of materials that can be used in missile and nuclear programs of Iran. In particular, the restrictions relating to stainless steel pipe 304L, two types of foil and stainless steel CrNi60WTi ESR + VAR.

“With these actions the U.S. continue to campaign for the maximum economic pressure on the Iranian regime. This campaign is aimed at a radical change in the behavior of the Iranian regime, blocking all paths to nuclear weapons and the withdrawal of state sponsorship by Iran of terrorism and regional malicious activity”, – stated in the message of the state Department.

The issue of the Iranian nuclear issue escalated after the unilateral US withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive action plan may 8, 2018 and the introduction against Iran economic sanctions by the U.S. in the sphere of oil export.

According to Iranian side, other participants, especially the Europeans, do not fully adhere to their obligations in the economic part of the agreement, so the deal in its current form does not make sense. As stated in September of this year the Secretary of the expediency Council of the decisions of the Islamic Republic of Mohsen Rezai, the US should pay Iran at least $ 50 billion as compensation for the damage from sanctions to make Tehran back to the nuclear deal.