USA said tests of Russia’s anti-satellite weapons

Space command, the United States announced signs that Russia has tested a space anti-satellite missile, writes “Voice of America”.

США заявили об испытаниях Россией противоспутникового оружия

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Russia “conducted non-destructive tests anti-satellite space weapons,” July 15, stated in the message Space command of the United States.

Russian satellite-Cosmos inspector 2543 launched another object in space next to another Russian satellite, said in a statement.

США заявили об испытаниях Россией противоспутникового оружия


Russia has already conducted a similar action, said the United States, saying that such actions are not consistent with the Russian mission in space.

“The Russian satellite system used to conduct this test orbital weapons is the same system for which we have expressed concern earlier this year when Russia has held manoeuvres near a us government satellite,” — said the head of the operational activities of the Space forces of the USA General John Raymond.

“This is further evidence that Russia continues development and testing of space systems, in accordance with the published Kremlin doctrine of the use of weapons, which would place at risk U.S. assets and allies in space,” he added.



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