USCIS announced a massive delay in release of green cards and work permits

Large-scale production delays green cards and other documents, including work permits, tied to problems with the budget of the office of citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS), according to CNN.

В USCIS заявили о масштабной задержке выпуска грин-карт и разрешений на работу

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According to the warning issued on 22 July by the Ombudsman Agency, the continuing lag in the production of green cards and other documents was caused by budgetary problems and by the suspension of employment with USCIS which deals with immigration benefits.

In June, the Service of citizenship and immigration, the U.S. has reduced its ability to print documents such as green cards and documents on a work permit when terminated the contract with the external company.

The Agency planned to hire Federal employees to perform these functions, but the budget deficit has led to a hiring freeze and slow printing cards, reads the warning.

“Currently, the companies issuing cards, the production is limited,” — said the representative of the USCIS, and added that the Agency issues about 10,000 cards a day.

The Washington Post previously reported that the administration has reduced the printing of these documents without the notification of Congress.

According to the press Secretary of the USCIS, the current lag in the production of approximately 115 000 green cards and documents on the work permit, the old order is in the queue since 6 July.

USCIS is preparing to lay off more than half its staff next month — a move that could lead to stalling of the immigration system of the United States. The Agency funded through fees, saying that the USCIS is in a financial hole after he had to close offices and suspend services during a pandemic.

The Agency has asked Congress for $ 1.2 billion.

“If on August 3, 2020 will be dismissed personnel USCIS, it is likely to increase and the delays in map production”, — stated in the message of the Ombudsman.

Lawful permanent residents, pending issuance can obtain confirmation of their status by requesting a temporary stamp in valid passport, according to the USCIS Ombudsman.



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