USCIS comes out of quarantine when they open offices and what services will be available

Service citizenship and immigration, the United States prepares some of the offices to open and renew the provision of certain services not related to emergency situations, from June 4, 2020, the official USCIS website.

USCIS выходит из карантина: когда откроют офисы и какие услуги будут доступны

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March 18, USCIS has temporarily suspended the provision of services that require a personal presence in their offices, in the offices of the asylum and centers support applications to help to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). USCIS follows the guidelines of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases to protect their employees and visitors. To know the status of a particular office, visit this page.

Although some offices are temporarily closed, the USCIS continues to provide limited personal services to provide emergency assistance. To receive such services please call the Contact center.

After the opening of the offices will be the reduced quantity of meetings and interviews to provide social distance, timely harvest and reduce the workload of the waiting room. Notification of appointment will contain information about precautions that should be followed by visitors to the USCIS facilities.

If you feel bad, don’t come to the meeting. Follow the instructions in the notice of the meeting to move it to a time when you will be healthy. If you are sick, the penalty for transferring your stay will be charged.

The offices of the asylum

Offices USCIS for asylum will automatically transfer the interview, which was canceled during temporary closures. When USCIS will take the interview, applicants for asylum get a new appointment with the new time, date and venue of interview, as well as information about safety precautions.

In accordance with the guidelines for social distancing and the duration of the interview, asylum offices rely on interviews by video link. During these interviews, the applicants will sit in the same room, while staff in the other. The offices will use available technology, including mobile devices, to the employee, the applicant, the interpreter could fully and safely participate in the interview, while maintaining social distancing.

For the successful completion of interviews for asylum applicants must bring all of their relatives specified in the application as dependents, and of an interpreter if the applicant does not speak English. In addition, the interview can be a representative, a witness, a person providing assistance to a person with disabilities or “adult who is trusted”, if the applicant is a minor.

Those who were not detained by immigration authorities and must pass an interview regarding cases of asylum-related reasonable fear (credible fear) and reasonable fear (reasonable fear), must involve the family members specified in the notice about the interview. Representatives may attend such interviews, but they are encouraged to participate by phone. USCIS will provide professional translators under contract for interviews of this kind.

The naturalization ceremony

USCIS will send notices to applicants on the transfer of pending naturalization ceremonies. The ceremony may be short on time to limit the risk to those present. Instead of auditioning live during the ceremonies of naturalization, participants will receive a flyer with information and links that redirect them to the video on the website of the USCIS. In a shortened format will be held for all legally binding part of the ceremony.

The ceremony can only come from the candidate himself for naturalization, and the person assisting the candidate with a disability.

Interviews and meetings

USCIS will send notifications to applicants about appointments and interviews. Present at the reception needs to follow safety rules outlined below.

If you had other appointments, move them according to the new schedule through the call center USCIS as soon as field offices will be open for personal visits. Make sure that your office is open, before calling the Contact center.

To present the applicant, one representative, one family member and one person providing assistance to people with disabilities. The applicant must arrange for the availability of an interpreter on the phone.

Support orders (ASC)

USCIS will automatically transfer all necessary meetings to ASC, which was cancelled due to temporary closure of the office. Individuals will receive a new letter of appointment in the mail with specific security requirements.

The user input to objects USCIS

Visitors may not enter the center of the USCIS, if they:

  • have any symptoms COVID-19, including a cough, fever or shortness of breath;
  • was in close contact with anyone who knew about the disease or suspected to have themselves COVID-19 in the last 14 days; or
  • in the past 14 days was sent to the isolation by the medical officer or officer of health.

Visitors may not enter the facility earlier than 15 minutes prior to their assigned meeting (or 30 minutes before the ceremonies of naturalization).

Disinfectant for hands will be provided at the entry points.

Visitors must wear masks or other coverings on the face, covering mouth and nose when entering the premises. You may be asked to briefly remove the mask to confirm the identity or take a photo. The objects will be marked and the signs are reminiscent of social distancing.

With them it is recommended to bring their own ballpoint pens with black or blue ink.

More information on on-site visits by USCIS can be found at

All about USCIS work during a pandemic — page


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