USCIS extended the closure of their offices due to the coronavirus: what you need to know

March 18 Service citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) has suspended the provision of services in their offices, in the offices of the asylum and centers of support of immigrants up to April 1, to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. March 25, USCIS has extended the timing of the closing, as reported in the press release service.

USCIS продлила срок закрытия своих офисов из-за коронавируса: что нужно знать

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The USCIS offices will be open on April 7, if the orders about public closures will not be expanded. Originally, as written ForumDaily, it was about the closing until April 1. Reportedly, staff in the offices continue to provide services that do not require personal contact with visitors.

USCIS will continue to provide limited emergency services. To obtain them please call our Contact centre.


The USCIS office will send notification to applicants of the scheduled meetings and naturalization ceremonies. Offices USCIS will send notice of the revocation interview and will automatically transfer the interview to the asylum.

After the transfer interview the person seeking asylum will get a new notification about an interview with the new time, date and venue of the interview.

When USCIS again will resume normal operation, the destination will be automatically carried over — all will receive emails about meetings by mail. Persons who have had InfoPass or other appointments must reschedule your appointments through the call center USCIS as soon as field offices are re-opened to the public. Please, before you call the contact center, check, open your local branch.

Awareness and precautions are the most effective means against infection. You can read the latest data on the coronavirus, visit the website of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases. Continue to stick to good habits in relation to health, refrain from shaking hands or hugging as a greeting and also wash your hands and clean the surface appropriately.

USCIS will provide further updates as the situation evolves and will continue to follow the instructions of the CDC. To see the latest updates, click here.




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